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Shave Jimmy's beard off!!

What for? 


The St Marys church "Thanks a million" campaign is based around gratitude to God for the good things he has given us, and how we respond to his generosity. 

As a church we recognise that we have been given so much good - and we want to continue to use that good that we have to bless others. So we have set the goal of seeing: 

• A Church building in better shape for 21st Century Horsham

• A Church Centre that is a more attractive community hub for our growing town

We want to set up our part of the church in Horsham to be ready for what God has in store for the future. We want to ensure that the beautiful and historical buildings we have are ready to be used to truly and effectively serve the community as we move forward. We want to capture God's vision for his church at St Marys. 

As part of that we need to raise funds - we need to respond to his generosity with our own generosity. We need to be willing to give for the future that which is precious to us now. 

Namely, in this instance, my beard.



The great 19th century preacher CH Spurgeon once said 

"Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly, and beneficial."

He wasn't wrong. 


It is a wonderful conversation starter.  


It makes small children fall silent in bemused wonder (and occasional fear).  

It garners respect and admiration from absolute strangers on the street.It is my passport into the society of other bearded men, who look at my beard, and know that i am one of them (although in Horsham this mostly this consists of very lost lumberjacks and hipsters up from Brighton for the day).


It is this that I am willing to sacrifice to raise funds for "thanks a million" - if you think that this deserves a response, please support me in this by sponsoring me.